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CBD Oil in the UK – Novel Food Status

CBD Oil Novel Food
CBD Oil – Novel Food

Cannabis oil and Hemp-derived products are never far from the news. In the last year alone, there has been lots of speculation about the future of CBD oil in the UK and novel food status. In the early part of 2019, the European Union (EU) changed its stance on Cannabidiol. Specifically, the EU updated the novel food catalogue. This change stated that extracts of Cannabis Sativa L. and derived products containing cannabidiol are novel foods. This is because a history of consumption has not been demonstrated. In fact, the very definition of a novel food is quite specific. A novel food is one that had not been made use of to a significant degree by humans in the EU before 15 May 1997. This date relates to when the regulations were first introduced.
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Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

Is CBD Oil Legal
Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

The topic of CBD raises many questions, not least surrounding its legal status. Is CBD oil legal in the UK? Well, it is a fair question and one that is asked by many people. There are some who have never taken CBD oil and who know very little about the product. It is perfectly understandable that people are wary of trying CBD because of the connection to Cannabis. The last thing these folk want is to unwittingly fall foul of the law. Furthermore, people have genuine queries about whether the compound is addictive, intoxicating or likely to cause impairment. Plus, it is good practice to be aware of any issues with the workplace and drug screening.
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Flying with CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)

Flying With CBD Oil
Flying with CBD Oil

We hear a lot of questions from people about flying with CBD oil (Cannabidiol). Hemp extract is the perfect supplement for travellers to promote calm and relaxation. Not to mention its ability to fight pain, inflammation and anxiety. It stands to reason that people would want to take it with them on long journeys. There is a lot of uncertainty around airports and air travel and whether Cannabidiol is allowed or not. Regular users of CBD ask if it is legal to take their oil drops with them through the airport and onboard a plane. Well, there is no simple answer to this question. It depends on where you are flying from and your destination.
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