CBD Oil for Beginners

CBD Oil For Beginners
CBD Oil for Beginners

Welcome to this brief guide on CBD oil for beginners. If you are thinking about trying CBD, this helpful guide will ensure you understand the various options available.

Choosing the strength

Before purchasing CBD Hemp oil, you need to determine which strength is the right one for you. Most brands offer products in the following strengths; 3%, 4%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%. Anything between 3% and 4% is considered a good starting point for users who are new to CBD. This is because it is low to medium strength and allows the consumer to asses tolerance levels. If required, it allows the option to transition to a higher strength. CBD oils between 5% and 10% are considered as medium strength. This potency is recommended for users who would not benefit from a low strength option. It is an adequate strength for people who require prompt assistance with health issues. The 15%, 20% and 25% CBD oils are high strength options for experienced users. These products are suitable for people who are most likely suffering from serious health problems and require immediate relief.

Choosing the type of CBD oil

As we know, CBD is enjoying a mammoth growth period. This means consumers, are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a product. In general, there are three types of CBD oil; Raw (non-decarboxylated), Green (decarboxylated) and Gold (fully decarboxylated).

Raw (non-decarboxylated) is very dark (almost Black) in colour. It undergoes the minimum of filtration and processing. The major downside is it contains plant matter, fats and chlorophyll and can sometimes offer a somewhat unpleasant taste. This is the least popular CBD oil. That said, it still enjoys a loyal following.

Green (decarboxylated) has a distinctive colour in varying shades of Green and enjoys a moderate amount of filtration and processing. Besides CBD, it will normally contain a notable amount of CBDa. This type of CBD oil has an acquired taste. Some people like the earthy flavour while others do not. It is the second most popular CBD oil on the market.

Gold (fully decarboxylated) is easily recognisable by its golden colour. It is highly filtered and processed to ensure peak levels of quality and purity. As it is fully decarboxylated, this type of oil has the most CBD content. It has a pleasant flavour so there are no taste issues with this type of oil. It is by far the most popular choice among CBD oil users.

Choosing your dosage

After deciding on the strength and purchasing your product, you will need to establish the correct dosage. Most manufacturers should be able to tell you how much CBD is in each drop of oil. For example, a typical 5% CBD oil product would contain approx 2.5mg of CBD per drop. With this information, you can establish how much CBD you are ingesting and adjust the dosage accordingly moving forward. Body weight is one factor that should influence your thinking when it comes to dosage. For instance, a small, slightly built person would not require the same dosage as a tall, well-built individual.

This concludes our guide on CBD oil for beginners. Hopefully, after reading this, you now have a better understanding of choosing a product and taking CBD oil for the first time. If you have any queries about Hempstil and/or CBD, visit our FAQ page for a list of common questions and answers.

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