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Oil Drops

Browse a selection of Hempstil CBD oil drops in various strengths.

CBD in the form of an oil tincture is very popular among customers. This type of Cannabidiol is easy to administer via the sublingual method courtesy of a built-in dropper/pipette dispenser. Our Hemp oil drops come in various strengths depending on the severity of symptoms.

At Hempstil, our CBD drops are made with organic Hemp and contain all-natural ingredients. This high-quality cannabis oil is lab tested for power and purity.

Supporting Numerous Health Benefits

CBD oil delivers a range of health and wellness benefits. These include pain relief, arthritis, inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, mood, sleep, insomnia, blood pressure, heart and brain health. Plus, many more.

Hempstil CBD oil drops are non-addictive, non-psychoactive and will not leave you impaired in any way. This is because the oil contains only a trace amount of THC (0.03%). This ensures our extracts comply fully with UK law.

Our products are suitable for vegans, vegetarians.

Allergen information: None.

Hemp Oil Extracts

Choose your tincture from a range of Hemp oil strengths, the amount of CBD is clearly indicated using ‘percentage’ and ‘mg’.

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Hempstil 10% CBD oil drops (1000mg). Full spectrum, hemp extract containing 5mg CBD per drop.

£34.97 £27.97

Hempstil 5% CBD oil drops (500mg). Full spectrum, hemp extract containing 2.5mg CBD per drop.