Reasons Why CBD Oil Does Not Work for Everyone

CBD Oil Not Work
CBD Oil Not Work

If you are a fan of CBD oil, you will happily sing the praises of this natural remedy. However, occasionally you hear a query from someone who has not experienced those improvements in health the majority of CBD users enjoy. These people are asking “why does CBD oil not work for me?” On the face of it, this seems odd, however, there can be a number of reasons why someone might not experience any positives from taking Cannabidiol. If we investigate these occurrences further, it is possible there is an explanation for some of them.

Insufficient Dosage of CBD Oil

A degree of trial and error is in order to arrive at an effective dosage. A first-time user will have no prior knowledge of how they will react or what dosage they may require. Furthermore, a persons body weight and severity of symptoms can also influence the required CBD dosage. In this scenario, it is advisable to adjust the dosage as required until you find relief. The aim is to make small adjustments until finding the ‘sweet spot’. If you can resist the urge to give up at the first hurdle and persevere, it can certainly pay dividends. If you find CBD not working, take a closer look at dosage.

Incorrect Strength of CBD

Hemp CBD comes in different strengths. For example, if a person has severe pain, they will likely need a mid to high strength oil rather than a low strength one. Again, the novice will not know this before taking CBD oil. Something like this will only become apparent after taking the product for a period of time. In this scenario, a little patience is required. If necessary, switch to a product like a 1000mg CBD oil tincture.

If CBD Stops Working

On occasion, some people find that CBD stops working after a prolonged period of use. The body can build up immunity to the effects of cannabinoids just like with any medicine. For instance, THC is a prime example. That said, some experts believe the opposite occurs with CBD. This goes by the name of reverse tolerance. Hence, when it comes to the subject of tolerance, expert opinion is divided. Nevertheless, in this scenario, you could also try one of 2 options.

  • Try the uptitration method. This involves an increase in the dosage of a supplement or medicine. Importantly, this works alongside the close observation of the effects. The aim is to re-calibrate your serving size and/or frequency to an effective level.
  • Reset the body with an off-period. This would suspend all CBD oil consumption for a short period of time. Taking a break for 1-2 weeks will reset the body and any possible tolerance to Cannabidiol.

The fact CBD has worked previously suggests one of the above options will be successful.

Recreational Drug Use

It is possible to disprove some queries when it emerges that the person is also taking recreational drugs. High levels of THC can cause anxiety and could interfere with the CBD’s normal behaviour. In this scenario, it is no real surprise to hear of CBD not having the desired effect.

Interactions With Medication

If you are taking medications, this may explain CBD oil not working. These could also be a factor in reducing the effectiveness of your Cannabidiol supplement. If you are taking any medication, it would be wise to seek the advice of your doctor before taking CBD. This would be to clarify any possible interactions with the CBD extract, medication and your health.

Short-Term Use of CBD Oil

There are some who, for whatever reason, simply do not take the product long enough to see any real benefit from it. Similarly, there are occasions where people do not take the product as directed. The product instructions are an important guide and following their advice ensures the best chance of seeing an enjoyable experience and a positive outcome.

CBD Does Not Work – Immune?

When all other options have been spent, it could be that CBD Cannabidiol just does not work for the individual concerned. Of course, even traditional medications do not work for everyone, all of the time. That is a simple fact of medical science. It is why hospitals and pharmacies stock numerous different types of each medicine. In short, some will be more effective than others in certain scenarios.