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Hemp CBD

Cannabidiol sourced from the flowers and leaves of Hemp plants also known as Cannabis Sativa L.

Industrial Hemp Uses (Cannabis Sativa L)

Industrial Hemp Uses
Industrial Hemp Uses

Industrial Hemp is more than just the source of the health remedy CBD oil (Cannabidiol). It is a plant that has been around for thousands of years. Indeed, History is strewn with stories of people using this species going back through the centuries. The uses of Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) as an eco-friendly natural resource is certainly a topic that warrants further debate. The planet faces challenges relating to the environment, climate, energy and pollution. Undoubtedly, these are all issues which Hemp can address and help to improve. Continue reading

The Difference Between CBD and Hemp Oil

CBD Hemp Oil
CBD Hemp Oil

There is a lot of confusion surrounding many CBD products. In particular, not everyone is aware of the difference between CBD and Hemp oil. In general, most people can correctly identify Cannabidiol. However, if you pose the same question with Hemp oil you would receive a range of different answers.
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